The McCartney Years

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here are some various tidbits coming in about Paul McCartney’s new 3-disc DVD set titled The McCartney Years . my copy is on order and should be arriving shortly. I can’t wait to get my hands on this DVD set. WARNING: to McCartney fans - some of these are spoiler-ish. if you wanna be surprised while viewing the DVDs, don’t read this!!

- for Goodnight Tonight - there are two versions of music video included. just switch the “viewing angle” to access the different versions. the same can be done for Baby’s Request and Fine Line.

- and just as you all feared, the 70’s and 80’s videos are total mullet-fests! heh.

- yes, it’s confirmed that the videos are shown in “fake” widescreen format. interestingly, the “extra” bonus videos are in full screen format.

- extra goodies playing during some of the DVD menus include: check my machine during the playlist menu on disc 1, rockestra session in the chronology menu (70-78) on disc 1, off the ground footage on playlist menu 1 on disc 2, paul singing outside Leicester square in the Unplugged menu on disc 3 and wanderlust can be found during the chronology menu (83-90) on disc 2.

- overall, the DVD set is a great value and fans should be thrilled to have an official collection like this. true, die-hard fans would have loved a complete version of “Rock Show” and the “unplugged” concert on DVD but as a career spanning sampler, this DVD set works out great.

if you haven’t seen them yet, check out the EPK videos up on youtube to get a taste of what’s on the DVDs.