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fellow Todd-fan Doug recently started up his own online talk radio show Rundgren Radio that is hosted on the very popular blogtalkradio. He has just completed his second official show last night and i must say he did a fabulous job. not only did he successfully keep the show interesting and tight but he also managed to get Todd Rundgren ’s wifeMichele as his special guest on last night’s show. i don’t think you can get any better than that except for actually having Todd himself on the show!! I’d consider Michele, who has her own weekly radio show on KKCR in Kauai, theperfect talk radio guest - she’s very articulate, lively, full of stories and quite candid.

here are some interesting tidbits from the interview:

-Todd doesn’t wear underwear. in fact, Michele claims that no one in Hawaii does.

-Kauai is very family oriented. and very conservative. that’s so funny since Todd and Michele are so liberal. heh.

-Michele enjoyed doing her stand-up comedy tour but prefers singing.

-they don’t really keep any Todd CDs around the house. in fact Michele had to buy some Todd CDs at the local record shop in order to play some songs on her radio show.

-Michele and Todd are truly grateful to Todd fans for their continued support.

-Michele pitched a scripted-reality show based around Todd’s family and friends to an exec at NBC two years before the Osbornes aired. apparently Todd wasn’t strung out on drugs enough for reality TV.

-Michele’s beauty secret: living in Kauai, of course!!

-Hawking is Michele’s favorite Todd song.

and get a load of what Michele announced on last night’s show: Todd fans will have the opportunity to rent out the Rundgren home in beautiful Princeville on Kauai’s north shore. it’s a 5 bedroom, 3 bath home that’s located on the Makai Golf Course with a great view of a waterfall and a wonderfully maintained golf course. apparently Todd and his family will be moving on to a new home on the island and just decided to keep their existing home to rent out to vacationing Todd-fans. so for $5000 a week (plus taxes, fees, security deposit etc.), you can stay at the home of a living rock legend. wow. for the details, head on over to Michele Rundgren’s website.