Under the Blacklight

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you know, after listening to the latest Rilo Kiley album Under the Blacklight for the last few weeks, i can safely say that the album will most likely wind up on my best-of 2007 list. it’s such an enjoyable album to listen to. if this project was the group’s last attempt at emerging under the shadow of Jenny Lewis‘ solo career, i would have to say that they succeeded. there’s a fine line between producing well crafted pop and completely selling out to the corporate big-wigs and Rilo Kiley did a commendable job in balancing the two.

the songs are undeniably catchy and well produced with ear-worm hooks galore. unfortunately, the material winds up a little on the short side (37 minutes) but they sure did make every minute count. highlights include: Breakin’ Up, Silver Lining, Under the Blacklight and Dreamworld. if i had to nit-pick, producer Mike Elizondo sorta overdoes it a bit on the TR-808 kick drum samples at certain points especially on the last track, Give a Little Love.

the low kick drum tones end up being a bit monotonous and annoying after repeated listens. the song really didn’t need that type of bass drum sound in my humble opinion. but it’s just a small issue on an otherwise spectacular CD.